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Free Thunderstruck Slot

Free Thunderstruck Slot

Note: If the slots spin too fast, click "Menu" under the game, select "Player Options", and un-click Turbo Mode on the "Slots" tab. (Zoom in by clicking here, then pressing CTRL and + simultaneously)
Welcome to my Thunderstruck Slots shrine. Ever since I first played the game online back in 2005, I've been hooked on Thuunderstruck and its clones (but mainly TS!). It's hard to explain just what this slot game does to me - I put it down to the sounds and graphics reminding me of my days as a Quake II clan player. But it's probably the free spins feature that does it for me. It's been pretty generous at times but then it does have an RTP (expected return) of 96% which is pretty decent, even by online slot standards.

This is all about the original Thunderstruck slot but you may be interested to know that on the 4th May 2010, Thunderstruck 2 slot was launched at Microgamings casinos. The two Thunderstruck slots are very different - in fact so different that only the name really relates them. And they are both excellent in their own right. The new version has lots of free spin and random features.

If you are wondering where you can play the Thunderstruck slots for real, then look no further than the sites we list. They all have this slot and plenty more in the Flash version or the download casino available on each site. There is also an excellent mobile version available for iPhones, iPads and all Android devices.

If you want to play in the Thunderstruck slot tournaments then you'll need the download casino version otherwise I'd recommend the Flash casino in each instance as it's quicker to load, easy to register and the game itself looks crisper. The download version chugs away downloading shedloads of games - if you have the patience you get over 200 slots - but this makes the slots run slow for hours while the install is in progress. If you want a complete list of casinos that use Microgaming software and therefore have the Thunderstruck slots, head on over to the definitive list of online casinos where you can sort casinos by software and various other criteria.

As you may have gathered already, I love Microgaming's old school 9-liners! Thunderstruck was coincidentally the first slot I played and my favourite to this day, more than 11 years since that first ever session!

And I'm not alone. Microgaming's Thunderstruck slot has proved so successful since it's 2003 release that, perhaps not surprisingly, it has spurned quite a number of 'clones' - slots that are identical in game-play but have different themes. If you want a full list of them then check out Slots Comparer's 'Slots Like Thunderstruck' page but below are a few that are of particular appeal to me.

Although these games might have identical game-play, there are one or two subtle differences in the reel layouts that slightly alter the variance of each game - that is, the "volatility". Higher variance slots are more volatile and offer less small wins with occasional monster hits so you can often feel like they are eating your bankroll far quicker than the low variance slots which do the opposite.

The highest variance Thunderstruck clone is probably "Ladies Nite", another slot by Microgaming like most of those mentioned here and available at all the same casinos (see below for a table). It is aimed at the ladies too but even as a bloke, I like this game for its attitude towards my bankroll: treat it gently and it can deliver. Also worthy of mentions are Spring Break, Adventure Palace and Agent Jane Blonde, 3 more 9-liner slots by Microgaming with exactly the same feature as Thunderstruck (15 free spins at 3x) and actually with similar variance I'd say, although I never seem to have much luck on the latter. Spring Break is my pick of these, partly down to nostalgia and possibly more because it has given me no less than 3 5-scatter wins (500x) down the years. If you are wondering, Thunderstruck itself has given me 5, two of which were during free spin bonuses at 3x!

Finally, talking of big scatter wins brings me to the final TS clone I am going to mention: Party Island. Often overlooked, this one is higher variance but if you get 5 scatters you get 750x your bet back! The pay-table is the main difference in Party Island where all the other Thunderstruck clones tend to follow the same template. And yes, it's a Microgaming slot again!

All of the above games, with the exception of Party Island, were among the first to be ported to HTML5 for mobile play which is a sure sign they are popular games and good news for tablet players in particular! As the original Thunderstruck slot from Microgaming remains one of the most popular ever online slot games it's really no surprise that Microgaming made it the first slot to be ported to their mobile system, dubbed "Go".

Back around 2007, they licenced Thunderstruck to Spin3 to create a game for phones. This was back in the day when most "smartphones" ran on Java and Android and iOS were yet to be popular platforms and tablets were but a concept introduced by Microsoft 5 years earlier that never caught on. Consequently, the Thunderstruck mobile version fell some way short of the addictive PC-based versions.

Roll on to 2012 however and the advent of HTML5, a cross-platform development tool that facilitates games on both Apple's iOS used on iPads and iPhones and also on Google's Android operating system which has the bulk of the market share, plus of course Microsoft's Windows Surface mobile software, has changed the game.

So far, you can play the Thunderstruck mobile slot at a handful of mobile-enabled online casinos but my recommendations - where I have played it myself – are all listed on the site

Mobile Version vs PC Version

The new HTML5 version of Thunderstruck mobile is just as good as the PC original in my opinion. Well, it's identical in most respects except for the lack of auto-play and the addition of a "win" screen after the free-spin feature completes. It really looks the part and on the iPad / Android tablet in particular it is perfect. In fact, I find myself playing Thunderstruck (and Spring Break / Ladies Nite and Avalon) on my iPad as much as I do on my main PC now.

The bottom line is that Microgaming's mobile platform is the best on the market at the moment and while games choice will undoubtedly improve, the games are pretty much flawless compared to those employed by other mobile casinos I have played over the past few months.

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