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Free Pharaohs Fortune Slot

Free Pharaohs Fortune Slot

Note: If the slots spin too fast, click "Menu" under the game, select "Player Options", and un-click Turbo Mode on the "Slots" tab. (Zoom in by clicking here, then pressing CTRL and + simultaneously)
I am sure anyone of you who has been to a land-based casino to play slots will have come across the Pharaohs Fortune slots from IGT. Well the good news is that they have now created not one but two online versions of this classic game: the original 10-payline Pharaoh's Fortune slot more commonly found in the UK and the 15-payline version found elsewhere.

The only real differences between the two versions in terms of game-play is the fact that one has 6 more pay-lines and as a consequence isn't as volatile. Personally I prefer the 15-line version (found at Sky Vegas for UK players) as it gives you a better run for your money. The RTP is marginally different coming in at between 93.5% and 96% depending on where you play while the 10-payline version seems to be a static 95%. Basically at those margins, this is not a noticeable difference.

For those of you not familiar with Pharaohs' Fortune - if there is anyone left who isn't! - then here's a brief rundown of why this IGT slot is so popular and so unique. The key - as with most slots these days - is in the bonus feature which is a free spins feature. When you trigger it by getting the 3 green Pharaoh symbols on a pay-line left to right on reels 1, 2 and 3, you get into the free spins. From here, you have a number of blocks in a tomb which you click. Each one reveals an extra free spin or a multiplier and you can win up to 19 free spins with a 6x multiplier. On top of that, if you retrigger the bonus during the free spins it gives you the same number of spins again with the same multiplier!

As with the land-based versions, the online version of Pharaoh's Fortune raises the pay-lines in the free-spin bonus. Irrespective of which of the two versions you are playing, you get 20 pay-lines and of course, potential retriggers.

My best hit on the Pharaohs Fortune slot came at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas in November 2009. Typically, I was just sitting at the machine near reception wasting time waiting for a friend to turn up so we could go for dinner and chucked $100 into the Pharaohs Fortune slot that gave the best view of reception! I hit the free spins, got the maximum number and multiplier and when my mate walked in, it was flying through them. He sat down just as it retriggered! I was trying to concentrate on talking and being polite but in the corner of my eye I was watching the winnings stack up.

So I ended up with just over $1600 from an initial $2 bet! A hand-pay! We had to sit there for 15 minutes while the attendant ran off to get my cash LOL. And in my hurry to leave for dinner I left the residue of my $100 in the machine (about $80) so some lucky soul sat down after I had gone no doubt and had a nice tip waiting!

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