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Free Immortal Romance Slot

Free Immortal Romance Slot

Note: If the slots spin too fast, click "Menu" under the game, select "Player Options", and un-click Turbo Mode on the "Slots" tab. (Zoom in by clicking here, then pressing CTRL and + simultaneously)
There's a small chain of events that leads up to Microgaming's Immortal Romance slot being released. Going way back to 2004, they released the Thunderstruck slot which was to become one of the most popular online slot games ever released - even to this day it hits the Top 5 performers month-on-month despite Microgaming having around 400 slot games now. In 2010 they released the much anticipated Thunderstruck 2 slot which, although a very different game and using a different engine, has proved almost as popular as the original.

The logical next step was to take this new engine and create another game. And this is where Immortal Romance comes in! it's not an exact clone of Thunderstruck 2 but the game-play is very, very similar. Both games have 243 pay-lines and a free spin feature that splits into 4 where the player can choose which bonus feature they play after unlocking them all. There is little difference between any of the four free spin features on the Immortal Romance slot in terms of what they pay but the volatility of the game will differ depending on which of the 4 features you pick (high - low).

You may already know that it is based on the currently trendy topic of vampires and while it avoids references to popular TV programs like True Blood, clearly the genre is a major inspiration for this game. I'm fussy with my slot games but I have to say Immortal Romance is pretty good, even if the max bet of $6 is a bit limiting for higher rollers (mainly because the Wild Desire feature can pay out so big I suspect).

Aside from the differences mentioned above to Thunderstruck 2, there is one feature worthy of special mention and alluded to above: the "Wild Desire". Thunderstruck 2 has the "Wild Storm" feature (sometimes cruelly but understandably referred to as the "Sh!t Storm" on forums!) where, at random, between 1 and 5 reels (usually 2) are turned wild. Personally I like this feature and have done pretty well on it but I've never had more than two wild reels. In Immortal Romance it's better! While Wild Desire is rarer and doesn't quite have the same exciting announcement of its imminent arrival as Thor does in Thunderstruck 2, it is more common to get 3 reels wild (or even 4) and some bigger wins as a result. Not always - just occasionally.

NB: The casinos listed here all offer Immortal Romance as a Flash game in their "Instant Casino" or in the Download version of the casino. The latter has far more games but all the main ones including Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck 2 and the original Thunderstruck are in both and it's quicker to sign up and play the Instant casino to be honest. fun play too. Sorry.

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