Free Slots for Fun

All the free fun slots on this site have free-spin bonus features!

Welcome to Free Slots For Fun [.net]. The Goldbeard game (above) was developed by RTG and is available at several online casinos - some of the safer and reputable ones are listed around the site. The slot forms part of RTG's "Real Series" slots which comprises over 50 different slot games, all with 5 reels, 20+ paylines and random jackpots.

Playing Free Slots Online

The Free Slots For Fun website focuses mainly on the free slots provided by the online casino software provider, RTG and with the odd exception, all the slots here can be played at any of the casinos listed on the site.

All the free slots featured here are available with no download & no registration requirement. If you do decide you want to spin them for real, click on any of the casinos recommended around the site (I've played them all myself) and either download the software or, where applicable, sign up to play them in a browser ("Instat Play") like you do here at Free Slots For Fun. With the download version though you will get access to over 75 similar slots while the no-download versions have around 30 normally.

Are Online Slots Safe?

The first two questions many new online slots players want o know answers to are a) are the games fair and b) are online casinos safe. In relation to the games on this site, the answer to the first question is that they each have random generators and every spin is independent of the last, so "yes" but to the second question it's a bit of "yes and no"! If you stick to the casinos I have listed on this site, all of which I have played at personally, it's probably a yes as they are reputable and long-standing operators. And all the free slots here on use the same random generator which is controlled by the software provider, in this case Realtime Gaming, and the casino cannot alter the outcome.

Typically, the expected return on the slot games featured here is between 91% and 98% which is identical whether you are playing for fun or for real money - that's no worse than you will find in land based casinos. With these slot games the software provider chooses not to publish the RTP of the games so the percentage payouts are based largely on what we are told. It's a shame RTG don't take a leaf out of IGT's book and publish all the expected returns on each of their slot games - this would allay any fears that they aren't fair.

As for the online casino issue, it is fair to say that casinos using RTG software (which form the bulk of the slots you'll find at Free Slots For Fun) are a mixed bag. What I can say is that I have played probably getting on for 100 online casinos over the past 10 years and for the most-part, the casinos I list on this website are ones I've played at myself and trust myself.

Before you play slots online for real money however, always check your local laws regarding online gambling and always read the terms and conditions at any casino before you deposit.

Free Slots From IGT & WMS

On the subject of IGT slot games, if you want to play some free IGT slot games then you might want to check out the Vegas Online Casinos website - thay have a few including both of the popular Cleopatra slots. I will probably try and add them to Free Slots For Fun at some point - if I can work out how to fit them in!

Vegas-goers will probably also be interested to know that some of the WMS slot machines are now in online format although not available to players in many countries (laws - pah!). You can check out some videos of them on the WMS Slots website. Hopefully I'll have some free slots from WMS here at some point.

Playing Online Slots For Real

If you've had enough of playing the free slots and want to spin for real money, then all of the online casinos mentioned on this site have these games and plenty more and all are safe and secure, with most having built a decent track record over several years of operations. However, because many of the slot games they offer are high volatility ("high variance"), I would strongly advise you to tread carefully at first, bet low and devise a strategy for cashing out. You won't regret that in the long term!

I have provided two articles to help you in this regard. The first gives you some advice on playing slots for real money and what to expect when you sign up to play at an online casino. Check it out here - it's essential reading if you are new to playing slots online. The second article deals with casino bonuses and what to expect. If you play with a bonus, don't expect a free lunch and be aware of the restrictions before you choose to accept it!

Finally, it is worth noting that you can still play these slots for fun at the casinos once you have opened an account with them - you are not just restricted to playing them for real money all the time. Happy hunting!